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An EGGcellent Easter with Chef’s Promise

Easter Rabbit, Basket, Eggs

An EGGcellent Easter with Chef’s Promise  Hi All, Easter is only a few days away, if you’re still wondering what to cook & bake over the Easter period we’ve got you covered!     Sponge & Cupcake Mix Have you tried it yet?? This versatile, simple & delicious mix has bags of potential! Keep the […]

28th March 2018

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We’re Award Winning

Chef's Choice Winner 2018

In February 2018 Chef’s Promise was nominated for and went on to win the Chef’s Choice Award for Innovation with our Chef’s Promise Gluten Free Choux Pastry Mix. Chef’s Promise was created in 2016 by Prima Foods LTD, in order produce great tasting gluten free baking mixes and components. Head of innovation, Massimo, has worked […]

5th March 2018

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Pancake Day: Our 5 Top Tips for Gluten-Free Pancakes

Pancake Day: Our 5 Top Tips for Gluten-Free Pancakes   Who doesn’t love a pancake (or two)?! With Shrove Tuesday only days away we wanted to share our top 5 gluten-free pancake tips with you! Get the gadgets Have you got your non-stick pan, lemon juicer, egg cracker, pancake flipper, table top mixer?! Pancake day […]

8th February 2018

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Top 5 Tips: Going Gluten-Free For Good

gluten-free chef's promise pancakes

Our Top 5 Tips for going Gluten-Free for Good! New to all things gluten-free? Struggling to find your starting point? These are our top hints and tips to get you on the road to success! Don’t be afraid to experiment We know it’s hard get rid of your pasta, bread, frozen pizzas and doughnuts; but […]

31st January 2018

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Gluten-Free Supermarket Hacks

gluten-free shopping

Gluten-Free Supermarket Hacks   New to gluten-free and looking for some hints and tips for supermarket shopping … we’ve got you covered!   Look for naturally gluten-free products Not all your food needs to be labelled with ‘gluten-free’. Read up on naturally free-from foods before you go shopping; fruit, veg, potatoes, rice, quinoa, meat, polenta, […]

23rd January 2018

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Shortcrust Pastry Hints and Tips

Shortcrust Tart

Shortcrust Pastry Hints and Tips Hi lovely readers!  Here we are again – this time we’re celebrating our awesome Chef’s Promise gluten free shortcrust pastry mix by giving you some fabulous hints and tips below … remember to scroll down to see our fruit tart recipe too! • Freeze butter and grate it into the […]

8th January 2018

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Chef’s Promise: Top Tips for a Fantastic Christmas


Chef’s Promise: top tips for a fantastic Christmas It’s hard to believe that the festive season is upon us once again again, it’s a wonderful time of year … but sometimes the stresses of living gluten-free can dampen those Christmas spirits. Family gatherings, street food, kid’s parties; they’re all potential minefields when gluten is your […]

13th December 2017

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In The Spotlight: Our Gluten-Free Dumpling Mix.

Hi again dumpling lovers! Have a look at our hints and tips so you get the best out of your Chef’s Promise dumpling mix! Your dumplings don’t have to be savoury – they can be sweet too! Just add a fruity centre to your mix. Visit our sister page Suet Secrets to see more! Spice […]

8th December 2017

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In The Spotlight: Our Gluten-Free Cake Mix

In The Spotlight: Our Gluten-Free Cake Mix Hey there cake lovers! This week we’ve been sharing our top hints and tips for our awesome Gluten Free Sponge and Cupcake mix! Here they are in case you missed them & a fantastic recipe especially for our readers; Firstly, you can make our sponge mix your own! […]

29th November 2017

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Behind the Scenes at Chef’s Promise

Massimo Chef's Promise

Behind the Scenes at Chef’s Promise 2017 has been an exciting and busy year so far at Chef’s Promise. We have been working hard on our brand of gluten free baking mixes and components for the catering industry. This month we are launching our Crumble Topping, Dumpling Mix and Short Crust Pastry Mix. Executive Chef […]

22nd March 2017

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