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Chef’s Promise is designed to perfectly meet the needs of people looking for great tasting, gluten free products that give the same results time and time again. Since most of our products are mixes you can add your own twist, the opportunities to experiment are endless. 

Chef’s Promise Sponge and Cupcake Mix 1KG

1KG of mix makes approx. 2 x 8 inch tins of sponge cake or approx. 36 cupcakes.

Use this mix to make cupcakes or sponge cakes. Perfect with jam and buttercream, or make it your own by adding your choice of sweet treats.

Price: £7.99 per unit including delivery.

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Chef’s Promise Shortcrust Pastry Mix 1KG

1KG of mix makes approx. 12 individual pies or 18 individual quiches.

Our pastry mix is perfect for quiches or pies alike; this pastry mix makes a smooth and crisp shortcrust pastry. The mixture is super versatile: just add icing sugar to the mix to sweeten it – making it ideal for sweet pies and tarts. Create a Ruff Puff pastry mix and you can even make a delicious gluten free beef wellington. 

Price: £7.99 per unit including delivery 

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Chef’s Promise Crumble Topping 1KG

1KG of mix makes approx. 30 dessert portions.

The quickest of the lot – just open and sprinkle over a fruit filling. The ease of this topping and the reusable tub makes it perfect for individual crumbles.It’s crunch and sweet taste is just like the real deal.

Price: £7.99 per unit including delivery.

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Chef’s Promise Stuffing Mix 1KG

1KG of mix makes approx. 92 x 25g stuffing balls.

Just add water! Our stuffing mix is a classic flavour combination of sage and onion. This versatile mix is a wonderful accompaniment to any dish and will bring your Sunday lunch to life.

Price: £7.99 per unit including delivery.

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Chef’s Promise Dumpling Mix 1KG

1KG of mix makes approx. 60 small dumplings.

Just add water! Our dumpling mix makes fluffy, plain dumplings, although you can add herbs and spices as you please to make them a perfect accompaniment for any dish. You can add them to traditional savoury meals, or put a modern twist on a classic by adding fruit, chocolate or nuts for a sweet dish.

Price: £7.99 per unit including delivery 

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Chef's Promise Choux Pastry Mix

1KG of mix makes approx. 140 medium eclairs or profiteroles

Whether you’re making profiteroles or eclairs these award winning choux buns will stand out – fill them with cream and cover in chocolate to create a show stopping dessert. Fancy something different? Why not create a savoury sensation by adding cream cheese, salmon and chives to your pastry creation. Choux pastry is tricky to make, and this mix is recommended for experienced bakers.

Price: £7.99 per unit including delivery 

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Chef's Promise Chocolate Fondant and Brownie Mix

1KG of mix makes approx. 20 large chocolate brownies or 15 chocolate fondants.

Our most indulgent mix is made with real Belgian chocolate. Make melt in the middle chocolate fondants, or gooey brownie slices. These rich and indulgent treats are perfect for desserts or an afternoon tea. 

Price: £9.99 per unit including delivery.

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Chef's Promise Pancake Mix

1KG of mix makes approx. 100 small/50 large pancakes.

Use this mix to make light and thin crêpes, or fluffy scotch pancakes. An easy mix with perfect results every time. Serve with your favourite toppings, sweet or savoury these pancakes are bound to be a hit.  

Price: £7.99 per unit including delivery.

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Chef's Promise Fish Batter Mix

1KG of mix makes approx. 20 large/30 medium fish fillets

Our batter mix makes a light and flavourful coating for fish. This crispy batter can be made with soda water or gluten free beer and will make your fish and chips stand out in the crowd. 

Price: £7.99 per unit including delivery.

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Chef's Promise Scone Mix

1KG of mix makes approx. 24 scones

Create sweet sultana or savoury cheese scones with our scone mix. A wonderful addition to your afternoon tea, these scones are simple to make, bursting with flavour and great served warm. 

Price: £7.99 per unit including delivery.

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Chef's Promise Gluten Free Vegetable Suet


Suet can be used in a huge variety of dishes, sweet or savoury; the traditional ingredient has been used as a baking shortening for many years. Suet crust pies, pond puddings, mincemeat, Christmas puddings, dumplings and roly-polies are just a few of the nation’s favourite dishes which include suet.

Price: £7.99 per unit including delivery.

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When manufactured all of our products have 12 months shelf life. We guaruntee a minimum of 3 months shelf life on the date of product delivery. After products have been opened they should be used within 3 months.  

If you are purchasing this product for trade purposes or wish to purchase over 12 units of each product, please email us at for a bespoke quote. For other trade enquiries please visit

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Foodservice meal components

Our meal component range includes gluten free frozen dumplings, gluten free frozen stuffing balls and gluten free frozen pastry pucks & lids. For more information regarding these products please visit