31st January 2018

Top 5 Tips: Going Gluten-Free For Good

gluten-free chef's promise pancakes

Our Top 5 Tips for going Gluten-Free for Good!

New to all things gluten-free? Struggling to find your starting point? These are our top hints and tips to get you on the road to success!

Don’t be afraid to experiment

We know it’s hard get rid of your pasta, bread, frozen pizzas and doughnuts; but there’s a whole new gluten free world to explore!
It doesn’t need to be restrictive or boring. Not all grains need to be banished from your cupboards – don’t be afraid to buy gluten free alternatives either. Despite what people think there are a lot of tasty options to choose from.
Experiment to find out which products and brands you like, experiment with gluten free grains such as quinoa, and definitely experiment with new recipes! We guarantee you’ll find delicious food!


Eating out isn’t impossible …

It can seem daunting, you’ll be imagining what’s going on in the kitchen and having nightmares about floury hands touching your lovely gluten-free food … but there’s no need to worry.
Restaurants, cafés and the like take food allergies very seriously, after all it’s their job to do so. They want you to have great food that you can enjoy repercussion free.
Be sure to tell your waiter/waitress that you can’t have any gluten at all. Feel free to ask as many questions about their food prep as you need too, it’ll put your mind at ease.
Most food establishments have rules, regs and practices in place to stop cross contamination in its tracks. We suggest you check out those restaurants which have been accredited by Coeliac UK, have a look at reviews and online menus.
Eventually eating out will become a joyful experience again!


Read Blogs & Join Groups

A problem shared is a problem halved, as they say, so joining groups and subscribing to blogs is a great place to start. You can join groups and follow blogs online. There’s plenty on social media and there’s a lot of gluten-free bloggers all over the web! You can also join your local Coeliac UK group; it’s a great way to meet people and to share helpful hints and tips.


Talk to your friends and family

Talking to your friends and family about having coeliac disease can really help you to make going gluten-free a total success. Perhaps they don’t know anything about coeliac disease so give them the facts. Suggest some websites they could visit or blogs they could read, cook together. Going gluten-free doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, you can turn it in to a food adventure with your friends and family by your side.


Remain positive

Yes, finding massive holes in expensive gluten-free loaves is infuriating, and the high prices of ‘free-from’ might make your blood boil. There will be mishaps, mistakes, accidental glutening and food envy along the way. But, remaining positive is the key to going gluten-free for good. It’s a difficult transition, but a necessary one too. Think about all the positive steps you’re taking, the health benefits you’re feeling and the new food world you’re exploring. You’ve got this! And remember, gluten free pizza & donuts are a thing *jumps for joy*! 


Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ve found these tips helpful – remember to check out our online shop, and our social media pages are full of helpful hints & tips – you find us on Twitter & Facebook

31st January 2018