8th January 2018

Shortcrust Pastry Hints and Tips

Shortcrust Tart

Shortcrust Pastry Hints and Tips

Hi lovely readers! 

Here we are again – this time we’re celebrating our awesome Chef’s Promise gluten free shortcrust pastry mix by giving you some fabulous hints and tips below … remember to scroll down to see our fruit tart recipe too!

Freeze butter and grate it into the mix for an incredible Ruff Puff pastry.

This is one of our favourites! We love the way this pastry puffs up with this simple trick! Give it a whirl when you’re next in the kitchen – it’s a winner that everyone is bound to enjoy! 

• Making a sweet tart? Just add icing sugar to your pastry mix for a sweet pastry base.

Here at Chef’s Promise we’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth! Add icing sugar to taste (we like a few dessert spoons!) and add a fruity, chocolatey or nutty filling to satisfy those sweet cravings! 

• Did you know, our shortcrust pastry doesn’t need to be blind baked?! Halve your cooking time with our nifty trick – and there’s no chance of a soggy bottom!

Mary Berry would be proud! You might even get a handshake from Paul; whether you’ve got sweet fruit filling, you’re making a quiche or a meat pie, just add the filling to your raw dough, bake and e voila, you’ll have a pie fit for a king (or the Bake Off tent!)! 

• Did you know, you can use our awesome pastry to make sausage rolls – just create a ruff puff using frozen butter, add seasoned sausage meat to the centre and bake – hey presto, a tasty snack for everyone to enjoy!

We love these naughty but oh so nice party snacks, simple but so delicious. Be sure to make a few trays, they’ll be gone in a flash! 

• Our pastry mix might look a bit wet when you mix it – but don’t worry, it just takes a while for the starches to work their magic. Leave your pastry to rest for as long as possible and you’ll have a firm malleable pastry dough.

When you add the wet ingredients to your dry mix, don’t fret if it looks a tad runny – the absence of gluten means this pastry takes a little longer to firm up. But don’t worry, give those starches a bit of time and they’ll work together to create a perfect dough. 

• Fed up of making a mess with excess flour when rolling out your pastry dough – use two sheets of clingfilm – place one on your work top and one on top of the pastry and roll. No mess, no stress.

This tip is a game changer, no need to worry about using flour to stop the dough sticking, and no need to clean up after (a little less cleaning is always a win in our book!)

We hope you’ll give our tips a go! If you’ve got some photos we’d love to see them on our Facebook page!

And as promised, here’s a delicious recipe suggestion …
Fruit tart with latticed lid

1KG chef’s Promise gluten free shortcrust pastry mix
130g Salted butter (room temperature)
670ml whole milk
Icing Sugar
Fruit compote, homemade or shop bought

1. To make the pastry follow the instructions on the Chef’s Promise gluten free shortcrust pastry pack (don’t forget to add the icing sugar for sweetness)
2. Rest the pastry for as long as possible before rolling
3. Roll pastry out between two pieces of clingfilm, remove from the clingfilm and transfer to tart tin (make sure you leave set pastry aside to make the latticed lid)
4. Spoon compote into pastry
5. Make the latticed lid by rolling leftover pastry into a rectangle and cutting strips, weave together to make a lattice
6. No need to blind bake! Bake for 20-25 minutes at 200ºc


Thanks for reading!! Keep a look out for more blog posts coming your way soon, and check out our full range in the online shop!


Shortcrust Tart


8th January 2018