22nd March 2017

Behind the Scenes at Chef’s Promise

Massimo Chef's Promise

Behind the Scenes at Chef’s Promise

2017 has been an exciting and busy year so far at Chef’s Promise. We have been working hard on our brand of gluten free baking mixes and components for the catering industry. This month we are launching our Crumble Topping, Dumpling Mix and Short Crust Pastry Mix. Executive Chef Massimo is the creative force behind the product. Massimo tells us what’s made him so passionate about cooking and what inspired him to create Chef’s Promise.

How long have you been a chef and what inspired you to take up the career path?

Massimo: I have been a chef for just over thirty years; I am passionate about the culture and history that go with food and have been from a very young age. Those are the main reasons that I got in to pastry and other areas of cooking.

Did you find your passion for food yourself or did someone inspire you?

Massimo: I found my passion for food myself, at a very young age. When I used to go to a local shop back in Italy I would admire all the nice things that they used to serve. In the evenings, on weekends and during the holidays I worked in a kitchen. I would spend any time off school in the kitchen from the age of twelve.

What inspired you to create delicious gluten free food?

Massimo: Lots of products out there seemed like an afterthought with no consideration for how tasty the products were, I wanted to change that. 

Is it difficult to find tasty alternatives to gluten?

Massimo: Yes, it can be, there are very few gluten substitutes that taste great. I wanted to create something that was packed full of flavour and could be enjoyed by coeliacs and non-coeliacs alike. By cooking something different for a coeliac you make them feel different and this is something that I want to avoid. I wanted to create a product that everyone can enjoy together.  

Why does Chef’s Promise stand out compared to other products out there?

Massimo: Our focus from day one was to try and get the product to taste as good as the gluten containing foods. You can really notice the difference in several products when you consider the texture, taste and flavour. Our aim from day one was to bring that up to a level that was as good as the products containing gluten.


Chef's Promise Gluten-Free Pie


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22nd March 2017