23rd January 2018

Gluten-Free Supermarket Hacks

gluten-free shopping

Gluten-Free Supermarket Hacks


New to gluten-free and looking for some hints and tips for supermarket shopping … we’ve got you covered!


  1. Look for naturally gluten-free products

Not all your food needs to be labelled with ‘gluten-free’. Read up on naturally free-from foods before you go shopping; fruit, veg, potatoes, rice, quinoa, meat, polenta, fish … the list goes on and on. There’s loads of delicious foods to choose from … and the best bit, they won’t break the bank!

  1. Budget & plan …

Free-from can unfortunately carry a hefty price tag in some cases, so be sure to create a budget and try to stick for it, that way you’ll be able to buy your gluten-free basics and try something new too. Plan to spend a small amount of money in the free-from aisle, and the majority of your budget on other tasty foods.

  1. Become an expert label reader

This will become second nature, and trust us, it’ll make shopping so much easier. Make sure you read the labels and look out for hidden gluten. You can also find a huge list of gluten-free products on Coeliac UK’s website.

4. This isn’t Supermarket Sweep. 

There’s no need to rush around like your on a TV game show with Dale Winton – make a little extra time for your weekly shop so you can look a lots of different products and read the labels properly. The prize will be finding those gluten-free gems you didn’t even know existed.

       5. Don’t compromise

Shopping will be different, but you don’t need to compromise. There’s a seriously good selection of gluten-free foods around, including ready meals and lunchtime snacks so there’s no need to stop eating what you love, just make sure you pick up the gluten-free version.

       6. If you don’t know, ask

Whether it’s asking a fellow free-food shopper, supermarket staff, or even asking Google … if you don’t know whether something is gluten-free or not, simply ask – a problem shared is a problem halved!


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23rd January 2018