23rd July 2018

Here Comes the Sun – Our Hints and Tips for the Best Gluten Free Summer

The Great British Summer is Here!

And it’s unlike any other … we’ve got glorious sunshine, the pub gardens are full and it’s actually warm enough to go outside without a jumper!

But, we all know the summer months can be hazardous when you’re gluten free … there’s beer, BBQ’s and beach parties galore which can all throw challenges your way.
So, here at Chef’s Promise, we thought we’d put together a summer guide full of hints and tips so that you can get the best out of the summer months!

Here are our top tips for a super gluten free summer!



The Recipe for BBQ Success 

BBQ’s are a summer staple, and a challenge when you’re gluten-free. But we’ve got handy hints and tips, so you can get the most out of your BBQ.

As always, make sure you read the labels closely. Many BBQ favourites (including sausages) can contain breadcrumbs, so it’s best to go for packs that state the meat is gluten free. Sauces are a source of hidden gluten too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Hosting the BBQ yourself means you can make sure that all the meats, sides and drinks are free from gluten.

If you’re invited to a BBQ you could ask your host to plate your meal up separately. We think bringing a plate of your fav BBQ treats is the best way to go, as you’ll know it’s 100 percent gluten free. If you’re going to cook the meat there make sure you bring a separate pan to put on the BBQ or in the oven. Bring a bottle of your favourite gluten free bevvie too.

You’ll be totally chilled out and soak up all of those good summer vibes!


The Perfect Trip to the Pub Garden

The pub garden is a place to relax and enjoy the sunshine, and it’s even better when you have a cold drink in hand – so what can you drink when you’re gluten free?

Spirits – The distillation process removes gluten from spirits, so these are a safe choice! Cocktails are great and will give you an awesome flavour kick, just make sure the mixers are all gluten free.

BeerBeer usually contains gluten, but there’s a great selection of gluten free beers out there to choose from. so you don’t need to miss out. Make sure the glass your using is specifically for gluten-free beers so there’s no chance of cross contamination.

Cider – Cider is naturally gluten free, yippee!

Wine – Wine doesn’t contain gluten, so this is a great choice if you have coeliac disease.


Have a great day on the beach with a great gluten-free picnic!

We think making your own picnic from scratch is the best way to go.

There’s some great picnic ideas on Coeliac UK’s website, and we think that our Chef’s Promise mixes would be a great edition to any picnic, so why not make some cupcakes and brownies to take along too!




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23rd July 2018