8th February 2018

Pancake Day: Our 5 Top Tips for Gluten-Free Pancakes

Pancake Day: Our 5 Top Tips for Gluten-Free Pancakes


Who doesn’t love a pancake (or two)?! With Shrove Tuesday only days away we wanted to share our top 5 gluten-free pancake tips with you!

  1. Get the gadgets

Have you got your non-stick pan, lemon juicer, egg cracker, pancake flipper, table top mixer?! Pancake day is the perfect excuse to splash out, so your pancakes will be picture perfect! Now all you’ll need is the perfect hashtags for Twitter and Facebook, awesome Instagram filters and an epic Snapchat story to match!

  1. Keep it simple

There’s no need for gluten-free cooking to be difficult, there’s lots of gluten free products on the market including a huge range of naturally gluten free flours. Follow a full proof recipe for the best results!

  1. Make sure the toppings are all gluten-free

Gluten hides in a lot of different products, so make sure you check the labels thoroughly and keep it all 100% gluten-free. Keeping things gluten free means there’s no risk of cross contamination, no risk of being glutened, and happy tummy’s all round!

  1. Be imaginative & Creative

Whoever you’re cooking for, and whatever your favourite flavours are, there’s room to be imaginative and creative. How about making some savoury pancakes, or an American style stack with syrup and bacon? There’s so many recipes to choose from, the world’s your oyster!

  1. Incorporate some theatre

Shrove Tuesday is all about having fun! Make sure you’ve got your pancake flipping down so you can show off to your friends and family!


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8th February 2018