20th April 2018

Gluten Free on Holiday; Holiday like a Boss!


Holiday like a boss!

It can be stressful going on holiday when you’re gluten-free. You can bet you won’t be the only one packing your suitcase full of rice cakes instead of bikinis when you jet off for a bit of summer sun this year, especially if you’re new to the whole gluten-free thing.
But, what if we could also tell you that there’s no need to worry – and that you can even find gluten-free goodness in the streets of Rome & Venice? Here’s a few of our top tips for having a gluten-free holiday …

  1. Italy is actually a sanctuary for the gluten-free …

‘Wait … what?? You can’t be serious!’, we hear you say.

Well – we are. There is a lot of gluten in the Italian diet, pasta, pizza, beer … but the Italian’s know how to do gluten-free too, and they do it well. A quick google will show you just how well recommended Italy is as a gluten-free destination. P.s gelato is also gluten-free! (Just watch out for any gluten in the toppings)


  1. Learn how to ask for gluten-free food in their language or bring a gluten free travel card.

If you’re worried about asking for gluten-free food, or aren’t quite sure you’ll be understood you can find fantastic travel cards which clearly state you can’t have any gluten … check out to see the wide range of travel cards they have available.

  1. Check out the local supermarkets.

Once you know what gluten-free is in the language of the country you visit, you can check out the local supermarkets for interesting goodies. They’ll be handy for a money saving breakfast/lunch, or you could take them home as foodie souvenirs!


  1. Going long haul – be sure to specify that you’re gluten-free when you book your flights and bring extra food just in case.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of gluten-free plane food, when people have been presented with pieces of fruit to substitute meals or had nothing at all. For the most part we’re sure this isn’t the case, and as long as you let the airline know you have dietary requirements they’ll be more than happy to help. But, it’s always a good idea to bring a little emergency food as a backup plan – there’s nothing worse than being hungry and having nowhere to get safe food. (P.s you could always bring some Chef’s Promise goodies with you 😉)


  1. Kick back, relax and enjoy!

You can avoid stress on your next holiday, we recommend a bit of research beforehand. This will allow you to kick back, relax, and enjoy your holiday to the max. So … what are you waiting for … the world’s your oyster!



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it’s a watermelon world

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20th April 2018