8th December 2017

In The Spotlight: Our Gluten-Free Dumpling Mix.

Hi again dumpling lovers!

Have a look at our hints and tips so you get the best out of your Chef’s Promise dumpling mix!

  • Your dumplings don’t have to be savoury – they can be sweet too! Just add a fruity centre to your mix. Visit our sister page Suet Secrets to see more!
  • Spice it up – add paprika, chilli flakes or garlic to your dumplings to give them an added kick.
  • Like your dumplings to be crisp – give them a blast in the oven before you add them to your stew to simmer.
  • Make sure you add your dumplings to a gently simmering casserole or stew, if you add them to boiling liquid your delicate dumplings might disintegrate :O!
  • You can shape your dumplings however you like, just remember to adjust your cooking times! Larger dumplingse will take longer to cook while little dumplings will be done in a flash!
  • Not sure you’ll have time to use all that lovely mix … make a batch of dumplings and freeze them, although we don’t think they’ll stay in the freezer for long ;).
  • Remember you can buy your mix on our website, just click here to see our full range of products!


1KG Chef’s Promise gluten free dumpling mix

650ml tepid water


Icing sugar


  1. To make dumplings follow instructions of your Chef’s Promise gluten free dumpling mix pack & add a dusting of icing sugar to sweeten the mix
  2. Roll your dough out and cut circles
  3. Sandwich your fruit mix between two circles
  4. Deep-fry the dumplings at 170 ˚C for 6-8 minutes, or until golden and fluffy
  5. Serve with fruit syrup, custard or ice-cream



We really hope you’ve enjoyed reading these hints and tips as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them. The dumpling is a traditional winter warmer, but we’ve given it a wicked twist and a new lease of life in this blog post! If you’ve tried any of our hints or tips then let us know (and look out for more to come!) on our Facebook page. 


Thanks for reading!


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8th December 2017