13th December 2017

Chef’s Promise: Top Tips for a Fantastic Christmas


Chef’s Promise: top tips for a fantastic Christmas

It’s hard to believe that the festive season is upon us once again again, it’s a wonderful time of year … but sometimes the stresses of living gluten-free can dampen those Christmas spirits. Family gatherings, street food, kid’s parties; they’re all potential minefields when gluten is your kryptonite. So, here at Chef’s Promise we’ve come up with a handy guide for you this Christmas season, so you can leave your worries behind and enjoy this magical time of year to the max! Here we go …

You might not be eating the same as everyone else, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out!

There’s still a stigma around gluten-free food, right? In years gone by you might have had a substitute that resembled and tasted a bit like cardboard (Yuck)! But now with a dramatic increase in gluten free products on the market (which also taste amazing) you seriously won’t be missing out. Stuffing, gravy, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire Puddings and mince pies can all be made gluten-free at home, or store bought. Have a look in your supermarkets Free-From Isle for gluten-free Christmas treats, and remember that lots of foods are naturally gluten-free #winner!

What if restaurants don’t take me seriously?

Are you worried that restaurants won’t take your dietary requirements seriously? Don’t panic! Many restaurants are now accredited by Coeliac UK (you can see a list of restaurants here) . Those which aren’t accredited will have food hygiene training which equips them with the knowledge to cater gluten free. If in doubt always ask, people are happy to help, and establishments want you to enjoy your meal to the max 😊

And what about friends and family?

Your nearest and dearest will have your best interests at heart. Make sure you educate them on your dietary requirements and the seriousness of them. So, whether it’s party food, Christmas dinner or a foodie gift, they’ll  be the ones who’ll go the extra mile to make your Christmas awesome.

I think this food’s got Gluten in … what do I do?

As always, questions are key. Keep prodding and poking until you’ve got all the info. Ask how your food was prepped, ask if they’ve touched gluten before touching your food or used the same utensils. It might seem pedantic but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I’m going to a party and don’t want to miss out or go hungry.

Parties usually equal buffets & party snacks. It might seem silly, but try to eat before you go to a party. Bring some gluten-free snacks along or ask your host to plate up a gluten-free meal separately before the buffet begins. Buffets are a disaster zone where gluten fingers could have been prodding the lovely gluten-free food. Utensils might be glutened and dips are probably full of bread crumbs. It’s best to avoid the buffet like the plague unless it’s 100% gluten free.

My child is gluten free, they’re probably going to miss out, right?

Wrong, it’s difficult when kids are gluten-free but see it as a challenge that you’re working on together.
Make tasty gluten free snacks together and bring plates of gluten free food to parties. Get everyone clued up on their gluten-free diet and get creative with food.

And finally – remember to stock up on your Chef’s Promise products

It’s not Christmas without a few treats! So whether you’re giving them as a gift or treating yourself head to the   website and have a look at our fab gluten-free baking mixes (they taste just as good and that’s a promise 😊).


Thanks so much for reading our blog! Keep your eyes peeled for more helpful tips coming your way, and remember there’s lots of helpful materials on our Facebook page!

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13th December 2017