29th November 2017

In The Spotlight: Our Gluten-Free Cake Mix

In The Spotlight: Our Gluten-Free Cake Mix

Hey there cake lovers!

This week we’ve been sharing our top hints and tips for our awesome Gluten Free Sponge and Cupcake mix! Here they are in case you missed them & a fantastic recipe especially for our readers;

  1. Firstly, you can make our sponge mix your own! Turn up the flavour sensation by adding chocolate/nuts or something else that takes your fancy.
  2. Are you dairy free/vegan? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy out awesome sponge & cupcake mix! Just add your favourite dairy free egg and butter replacements to the mix instead – trust us, it’ll taste amazing!
  3. Instead of cupcakes, why not make Madeleines? Just use the recipe for cupcakes but pour the mix into a cute madeleine tin. Why not make them extra rich? Just add more butter to taste! Your family will think you’re a master baker 😉.
  4. Do you have offcuts from your delicious cakes? Why not soak in your favourite tipple and make a boozy trifle?#classic!
  5. You should bake your sponge cake in a loaf tin & slice, then use it to make a ‘cake and butter’ pudding. This is a twist on an absolute classic that we’re sure you’ll love. Maybe add orange zest to your sponge mix and cover with marmalade for an extra flavour kick.
  6. Not sure when your sponge cake it cooked? Simply press your finger lightly on the top of your sponge, if it springs straight back your sponge is cooked to perfection.


We really hope you’ve enjoyed reading our hints and tips this week – trust us, there’s lots more where that came from so keep your eyes peeled. Do you like what you see? Check out our product page!
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We’ve even included an awesome recipe for you to try at home …

Recipe; Piñata Cake

Sponge Cake
1kg Chef’s Promise gluten free sponge & cupcake mix
450g soft salted butter
10 medium eggs

Buttercream Icing
500g icing sugar
300g unsalted butter
2tbsp milk

Secret Sweet Filling
Sweets/Chocolates of your choice



  1. Make the cakes by following instructions on your Chef’s Promise gluten free sponge & cupcake mix pack
  2. Use three 8” cake tins, line and fill with your cake mix and bake following instructions on your pack
  3. Make the buttercream icing by combining the milk and butter withe the icing sugar, you can use the all in method, easy peasy!
  4. Remove cakes from oven and cool
  5. Place one sponge onto serving plate and spread buttercream on top of the sponge, layer with the second sponge and also spread with buttercream
  6. Cut a large circle from the centre of the first two sponges – fill this with your secret sweet filling
  7. Add your final cake and spread buttercream over the three cakes
  8. Serve and surprise your guests with this ingenious, awesome cake!To view our other great blog posts just click here!

    GF sponge&cupcake

    sponge&cupcakes made using Chef’s Promise gluten free sponge&cupcake mix.

29th November 2017